A Special Christmas Maths Treat

“It is the duty of all teachers, and of teachers of mathematics in particular, to expose their students to problems much more than to facts.” Paul Halmos

With the end of term fast approaching and Christmas spirit in high gear, my kids have now started to ask ‘miss, when are we going to have a fun lesson?’ And my usual response – ‘I thought we always had fun lessons!’ But of course, they try not to hurt my feelings I suppose by saying that yes miss lessons are always ‘fun’ but it is the last few days and they were hoping we would play Kahoot or some maths games. I think I should have told them to write a letter to Santa about that, see what happens.

So, I have been on the hunt for great Christmas lesson ideas that are ‘fun’ and I have decided to share my findings with you as usual. Here is a link to a few wonderful activities that can be modified for online learning if you are not teaching face-to-face at the moment:http://www.mrbartonmaths.com/blog/tes-maths-christmas-2016-collection/

You do need to register on Tes to access the resources but this is for free and well worth it.


Now, before I let you go sip your favourite drink, continue to watch your Netflix series or cook your Sunday Feast (I’m about to do that now); I have a confession to make and was wondering if I am the only one whose brain takes much longer to process these problems.

Here are two problems I gave my year 8 students last week, 90% of my students took between ONE and TWO MINUTES to correctly answer each while it took me quite a bit longer.

Well, since I aim to better my best – I always get my students to explain their workings so that those students (and perhaps their teacher) who were struggling can benefit from their explanations. I couldn’t believe how easy they find spatial awareness problem solving, clearly this was not a problem for them at all.

How about you? Put your timer on and see if you could beat my students at arriving at the answer and maybe get your kids to do these (If they beat you to it then it would be nice to know I am not alone…I hope to get some company…Otherwise I will still be very proud of you!).

Cheers to a very Merry socially distanced and masked wearing Christmas! Reflect and enjoy this time with your loved ones.

Best wishes,


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Passionate, driven and called to be a teacher. My name is Lotoya Patrick-Taylor, a sister, a wife, a mom, a friend and a teacher. I was trained to be a teacher in Jamaica, where I received my Teaching Diploma in Mathematics at Church Teachers' College and my BA in Mathematics from Southern New Hampshire University (Hons) in the U.S.A. I have been teaching high school mathematics for just over eight years. Taught for four years in Jamaica, worked as a mathematics coach and delivered workshops to various maths department. I am currently in my fourth year in the United Kingdom, where I am the Lead teacher of Maths at my school. In addition to being a classroom teacher in the U.K, I am a maths coach and I also deliver training sessions at my school and to a network of schools. Roles I thoroughly enjoy - I love people and I love collaborating, sharing and learning (hence, the reason I decided to start this blog).

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